Horse Training, Barefoot Trimming, and Lessons

KM Quarters: Training, Barefoot Trimming,  and Lessons.  Now Adding  KK Country Tack



  My name is Kendhall Morris and I have been training horses for over 29 years. Originally from Texas, where I spent most of my life raising, training, breeding, showing, and giving riding lessons.

  In November of 2012 we moved to the beautiful hills of Warrenton, Virginia.  

  Whether you need help with the horse you have, want to learn how to ride, or just brush up on your skills,  I can help you.  Teaching basic ground manners, working with problem horses, halter breaking, starting colts, and barrel training are all within my capabilities of training. I barrel race and show locally. I give general western riding lessons and barrel lessons. Basic horsemanship and safety are always covered at first.  I can also teach you how to train your horse. 

  If you just need help with picking out tack or a saddle that will fit your horse, I can help.  No problem is too big or to small.  Feel free to email or call me. 


  If you want your horse sold, I will be happy to list it on several websites.  I can also take it for training and list it at the same time.

  If looking for a horse, I have clients with horses for sale now and maybe I can help you find what you are looking for.


  I also do hoof trimming.  (No Shoeing).  I trim donkeys, minis, ponies, horses, and drafts.  Starting at $30.00 for minis and ponies,  $35.00 for donkeys, $38.00 for horses, and $48.00 for warmbloods and drafts.  Difficult horses and ponies will have an additional charge.  Driving within 12 miles is free.  Additional charges for more travel.

 KK Country Tack is our new tack business.  I will start listing saddles and tack for sale.  We will have a Store on this website. 

Featuring western tack with lots of bling,  using tack, English tack, used and new saddles.



 Kendhall Morris

(985) 445-6148

Kelly Rd.

Warrenton, Virginia

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